Friday, September 11, 2015

An Open Platform for Internet Traffic Classification in TIE

An Open Platform for Internet TrafficClassification in TIE 

 Abstract: An open source internet traffic classification systems designed for both experimental and operational use, in this paper we are using traffic identification engine it’s also a open source tool, TIE was developed in 2008 to promote sharing common implementations and data in network field, here the accurate traffic identification and insightful measurements form the foundation of network business intelligence and network policy control. Without identifying and measuring the traffic flowing on their networks, CSPs are unable to craft new subscriber services, optimize shared resource utilization, and ensure correct billing and charging .First and foremost, CSPs must understand their use cases, as these determine tolerance for accuracy. It is likely less of a problem if reports show information that is wrong by a small margin, but it can be catastrophic if subscriber billing/charging is incorrect or management policies are applied to the wrong traffic. So-called embedded solutions typically make do with simplistic approaches. Faced with such variation, CSPs must understand the technologies, trade-offs (e.g., completeness and false positives), and deployment challenges (e.g., routing asymmetry; tunnels and encapsulation; encryption, obfuscation, and proxies) that exist in the context of traffic classification, and only with this detailed understanding can they ask the right questions in order to truly understand what a vendor is providing, and any limitations that would otherwise be hidden. Keywords: TIE-Traffic Identification Engine, CSP-Communication Service Provider, Traffic Classification, Open Source Platforms, Network and Traffic Monitoring.


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